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What to Expect from One Church Worship Academy 2014
“We have all hit walls in our leadership and ministry. Many times the information is readily available but the implementation is hidden from our understanding. As a fellow worship leader, I understand the rhythms and ruts we can get into. God desires us all to go deeper in our learning and leadership.”       – Israel Houghton


In conjunction with our DEEPER CONFERENCE, we are excited to bring back the 1 CHURCH WORSHIP ACADEMY! This academy provides three days of intensive instruction and interaction designed specifically to develop leadership principles & techniques for worship ministry. Our goal is to equip you as leaders to implement what you learn at The Deeper Conferences into your local ministry setting. We believe this will enable you to more effectively serve your pastors, worship teams, local churches, and other outreach ministries.

At the 1 Church Worship Academy, we seek to inspire and instruct both emerging and established worship leaders with faith and foundational elements that produce longevity in leadership. These seminars are regularly scheduled throughout the year and use unique methods of group learning.

Upcoming Events:

1 Church Worship Academy – August 3-5, 2015
Deeper UnConference 2015 – August 5-8, 2015

Deeper UnConference 2015